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Home Again

Dear Patients/Practice Members

Happy to be Home Again

Happy to be Home Again

I have returned home after 2 weeks walking the Camino Trail in Spain.  It was incredibly beautiful, peaceful and also challenging…. the pilgrims on the trail were all very friendly…a real community of like-minded individuals all on a journey often for self-discovery and purpose….The first night we stayed in the mountains at an alburgue/hostel and the average age was 60!  So no excuse if it is on your bucket list!

Day 1 The Pyrenees were stunning and we walked about 20km uphill!  Then 6 km down which was by far the more difficult part on my knees.  Tiny villages, friendly locals and lots of very good wine…

I have returned home tired, but rejuvenated and today I went to get an adjustment for my body that had walked an average of 20 km a day for 2 weeks…

I wonder what will be my next adventure

Dr. Catherine

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